It’s Back to School Time!

It’s Back to School Time! Here are some helpful tips getting back on track when school starts: Visit the school your child will go to.  Many schools also offer back to school nights – it is important to go and check out your child’s classroom and meet their teacher.  Putting a face to the teachersContinue reading →

What to look for in Child Care

What to look for in child care Choosing good child care is an important decision.  Quality child care during the early years leads to healthy growth and development.  It takes time, patience and an understanding of what to look for when getting ready to choose child care.  Many people even plan their pregnancies around aContinue reading →

Summertime Blues

Summertime Blues? Upstate New Yorkers are all too familiar with the winter blues. It’s cold and dark, lack of sunlight and too much time indoors certainly seems to affect our mood. But, did you know that there is such a thing as summertime seasonal depression? You may have heard about seasonal affective disorder, or SAD.Continue reading →

Mental Health & Certified Recovery Peer Advocates

Mobile Crisis Assessment Team (MCAT) – Mental Health & Certified Recovery Peer Advocates The Problem The stigma on mental health in our nation leaves many people left without treatment which can lead to adverse behaviors (substance use). The World Health Organization noted that “the single most important barrier to overcome in the community is theContinue reading →

Surviving Summer Vacation

Surviving Summer Vacation! Every parent and child care giver at home with a child in the summer can probably tell you how many days  left until Labor Day. While summer can be an amazing time to connect with your children, it can also be draining to be home all summer long with children that demand constantContinue reading →

How Job Stress Contributes to your Mental Health

How Job Stress Contributes to Your Mental Health Something that is very well known in the scientific world is that job related stress affects you emotionally and mentally. Many people either have to work, or, choose to work in order to keep them busy and help them feel a sense of being needed which isContinue reading →

What is Universal Pre-K?

What is Universal Pre-K? Universal Pre-K, or UPK, is a government-funded preschool program, which means it’s free to those that attend.  In New York State, only a select number of school districts offer UPK. Why Is Universal Pre-K Important? In the 2013 State of the Union address, President Barack Obama said, “Education has to startContinue reading →

The Neighborhood Center 2020 Calendar – exciting advertising opportunity for local businesses!

We are offering a great opportunity to partner with the Neighborhood Center, Inc. where you can make a difference! For more information on ways you can help our cause through advertising/sponsorships, please Click Here and contact Jeff Gornick, Director of Development at (315) 272-2622 or Our mission at The Neighborhood Center is to enrichContinue reading →

Welcome Shawn Johnston, Our New Clinical Director

Welcome Shawn Johnston, Our New Clinical Director

Utica, NY – June 3 2019 – We’re proud to announce that we have hired Shawn Johnston as our new Clinical Director. Johnston will oversee clinics in both Utica and Rome, where she will be responsible for clinical management of mental health services provided to children, youth and adults with behavioral healthcare needs as wellContinue reading →

Welcome Lauren Lottermoser, Director of Marketing & Public Relations

Welcome Lauren Lottermoser, Director of Marketing & Public Relations

Please help us in welcoming our new Director of Marketing and Public Relations, Lauren Lottermoser! Utica, NY – May 29th, 2019 – Lottermoser will support our mission to build a stronger community by promoting awareness and advocating for needs. Lottermoser brings with her five years of not-for-profit experience in marketing, social media, event planning, newsletters,Continue reading →