Daycare Registration and CACFP

Daycare Registration and CACFP

Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP)

The Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) reimburses legally-exempt, family or group day care homes for providing nutritious meals and snacks to the children in their care. This program offers direct training in nutrition, business records, regulations, and program development. The Neighborhood Center oversees programs located in Oneida, Herkimer, Madison, Montgomery and Fulton counties.

Day Care Registration

This program oversees the compliance of Oneida county family day care homes and school-age child care programs with the New York State child care regulations. This program also oversees the investigation of complaints of illegal child care providers in Oneida County. This program also hosts SUNY Webcasts at no cost to training participants.

Location: 612 Elizabeth Street Utica, NY 13501 (315) 272-2630

What is Illegal Child Care?

New York State defines child care as care for a child on a regular basis, away from the child's home, for less than 24 hours per day, by someone other than the parent, step-parent, guardian, or relative within the third degree of consanguinity (blood relationship) of the parents or step-parents of such child.

Child day care programs are required to be licensed or registered under New York State Social Services Law Section 390 and by the Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS) Child Day Care Regulations. (All are available on

  • Day Care Center/Small Day Care Center: caring for more than two (2) non-relative children, for more than three (3) hours per day per child, that is not located in a personal residence
  • Family Day Care Home/Group Family Day Care Home: caring for more than two (2) non-relative children, for more than three (3) hours per day per child, that is located in a personal residence; caring for nine (9) or more children if any is a non-relative child, for more than three (3) hours per day per child, that is located in a personal residence
  • School-age Child Care: caring for more than six (6) non-relative children, during non-school hours, including school vacation periods and holidays, that is not located in a personal residence. See also OCFS policy statement
  • What Constitutes a School Age Child Care Program available at

If OCFS determines that an individual is operating a child care program that requires a license or registration, the individual is notified and of the individual's rights to dispute the determination. Operation of an illegal child care program can result in fines of $500 per day and other legal action.

What Do I Do if I Know Someone is Providing Illegal Child Care?

Call the complaint line at (800) 732-5207. You can also call your regional office or registration office. Many people hesitate to notify the office of possible illegal care, but we like to remind people that there are usually safety concerns when a person operates a child care facility illegally. Staff and household members do not have background checks, the environment has not been checked for safety issues, etc. Many people operating illegal facilities do not know the law and come into compliance immediately.

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