Project AIM

Project AIM

AIM provides programming for youths between the ages of 13-18 in group sessions that focuses on educational planning and goal setting. In addition, AIM provides youth access to staff for homework assistance or will assist youth in linking them to free tutoring services in our community. Project AIM promotes reading for pleasure and has provided youth with reading circle/book club opportunities. Since extracurricular activity can be so important in developing school success, the program helps youth explore ways of getting connected to their school environment through sports, clubs, ROTC, Young Scholars, etc

Project AIM addresses financial self-sufficiency by providing specific groups that teach youth positive values, social competence and positive identity. These groups explore topics such as caring, integrity, honesty, responsibility, decision making, cultural competence, peaceful conflict resolution and equality and social justice. Group participation focuses on helping youth establish skills required for healthy development and success in the workforce. It is evident that when youth have many of these skills they have a much better chance at obtaining work within their communities and successfully navigating the world in a more self-reliant manner leading to financial self-sufficiency.

Project AIM promotes “Commitment to Learning” by providing youth with ongoing opportunities and encouragement through activities that augment their positive educational experiences. A requirement of the program is that each youth must provide copies of their school progress reports and report cards to program staff. It is important for youth to be connected to a positive adult role model within their community. Staff works closely with the youth and their identified support, if youth are not able to identify someone on their own, staff will work with the youth to explore relationships with teachers and/or community members to identify someone.

Overview of Program

  • 12 month program
  • Serving youth between the ages of 13-18
  • Bi weekly 2 hour peer group session
  • Community involvement
  • Comprehensive curriculum focusing on core competencies

Participant Outcome/Goals

  • Improved connection to school and home
  • Increased Community Citizenship
  • Enrollment in creative activities
  • Improved sense of self and positive view of present/future achievements and goals
  • Improved social skills and positive peer interactions

Location: 624 Elizabeth Street Utica NY

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