How to Help Ease Others Anxieties during COVID-19

How to Help Ease Others Anxieties during COVID-19

Many people, (even if trying to stay in the highest of spirits), experience internal stress and anxiety from sudden change… job loss; income loss; trying to adjust to a new routine.ย  Sometimes the brain doesnโ€™t want to accept what is happening. It could take weeks to realize and accept the change, itโ€™s a shock.

This can lead to anxieties and worry (seeing things like people โ€œfreezing upโ€ and doing nothing; completely giving up, being sluggish -worrying how to pay bills).

Itโ€™s a heavy burden to carry.ย  Sometimes being a โ€œgood earโ€ helps to get someone back on track. Let them open up and express how theyโ€™re feeling out loud, without judgment. Often times this is all a person needs.

If someone you know is feeling defeated, you can help by redirecting their thoughts to what they can do! Have understanding; listen; offer encouragement.ย  Talk to them about something completely different!ย Whatever you can do to distract the mind! It goes so far in healing another person!

Posted by Lauren Lottermoser