Our Peer Advocates are Here for You!
Apr. 18 2020

Our Peer Advocates are Here for You!

Our Peer Advocates are here for you!

We BELIEVE in YOU and we are HERE FOR YOU! You don’t have to walk the road alone to recovery!


What is a Peer Advocate:
  • Someone with personal experience with substance use/recovery who uses their knowledge to support the recovery goals of individuals and meeting individuals where they are at in their recovery/active use.

What services does a Peer Advocate offer?

  • Recovery Peer Support Services –***Nonclinical Support Services** for those struggling with a Substance Use issue/concerns or those interested in seeking recovery
  • Overdose prevention education/Linkage to Narcan training
  • Linkage to recovery communities as well as virtual
  • Education on how to navigate telehealth and online recovery supports/communities
  • Linkage to Treatment
  • Navigating isolation during COVID-19 with a substance use issue- Linkage to COVID-19 Support lines
To contact a Peer Advocate please call (315) 732-6228 or 1-844-732-6228, someone is available 24/7.