Talking with Children & Youth about COVID-19
Apr. 2 2020

Talking with Children & Youth about COVID-19

These are difficult times for all us all as we face the realities of a world pandemic with COVID-19.  Many of us may be feeling anxious and overwhelmed as we listen and watch news reports and stories that pop up on Facebook and other social media sites.  It is easy to go into overload with all this information.

As adults we can find this difficult to deal with, the same may be true for our children.

Children may have a difficult time with what they are hearing and how they are processing what is happening in the world around them.  That is why is it so important for us to “check” in with our children.

Staff at The Neighborhood Center have put together this great resource for you with tips, advice and educational TV shows on how to talk to children and youth!

Talking with children and youth