Compassion Coalition Donates Gift Cards to Neighborhood Center Clients
Dec. 20 2023

Compassion Coalition Donates Gift Cards to Neighborhood Center Clients

Utica, NY— The Compassion Coalition, a leading nonprofit organization committed to serving the needs of Utica, New York, has extended its support to families served by The Neighborhood Center with a generous donation of gift cards to Bargain Grocer.

Understanding the critical role that access to food plays in the well-being of families, Compassion Coalition has reaffirmed its commitment to alleviating hunger in the local community. This donation of gift cards aims to assist families in need by providing them with essential resources to purchase groceries during the holiday season.

The Neighborhood Center, a vital organization dedicated to providing a wide range of services to empower individuals and families, expressed its gratitude for the Compassion Coalition’s thoughtful donation. These gift cards will directly benefit the families they serve, enabling them to obtain nutritious food items and meet their basic needs during difficult circumstances.

“Our mission and passion at Compassion Coalition and Bargain Grocery has been to partner with non-profit agencies, such as The Neighborhood Center, to assist one another in addressing the challenges of food insecurity, clothing, and other needs for the vulnerable population in our community,” said Michael Servello, Sr., CEO and Founder of Compassion Coalition.

The collaboration between Compassion Coalition and The Neighborhood Center exemplifies the power of community partnerships in creating meaningful and positive impacts on the lives of individuals and families in Utica. Through acts of kindness and generosity, these organizations continue to make a difference in supporting those experiencing adversity.

The mission of The Neighborhood Center, Inc. is to enrich the lives of individuals and families through cooperative opportunities, resources and advocacy which embrace diversity, promote empowerment, and foster responsible citizenship.  Through its sustained pattern of activities that benefit children, families and the community since 1905, The Neighborhood Center, Inc. continues to advance in our enduring mission of truly “human” service.

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