Important Announcement Regarding Neighborhood Center Services and COVID-19
Mar. 16 2020

Important Announcement Regarding Neighborhood Center Services and COVID-19

Important Announcement Regarding Neighborhood Center Services and COVID-19

As most are aware, COVID-19 has created a serious Public Health threat and as such, President Trump, NYS Governor Cuomo, Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente, along with most of the other counties we serve have all declared a State of Emergency.

In keeping with the current recommendations to help protect the health and safety of our staff and the individuals and families we serve, The Neighborhood Center, Inc. is taking the following actions at this time:

  • All individuals entering our facilities will be screened utilizing the recommendations of national and local health officials,
  • We are requesting anyone with a scheduled visit to one of our facilities to call first to verify if visit will still occur,
  • No one exhibiting symptoms of illness will be allowed into our facilities,
  • We are putting a temporary stop on all home visits,
  • All agency sponsored gatherings or meetings with outside organizations are currently suspended,
  • Our May 1st Gala will be rescheduled for another date,
  • Child Care will remain open for the time being, but parents or children exhibiting any sign of illness will not be allowed into the facility.

Unfortunately, this is an ever-changing and fluid situation we are all in the midst of and these current steps can, and most likely will change rapidly as we do our part to mitigate the spread of this contagious disease.

Within the next few days, many of our services will be provided remotely in order to further reduce potential exposure.  At this time we are fortunate that Oneida County has not yet had a positive case of COVID-19 and with vigilance and following the recommendations and guidance of health officials we can hopefully prevent a community outbreak.  We all play a role in reducing the risks by following the social distancing guidelines that are being recommended.

Having said that, we know that daycare remains a critical concern and need for many parents who must continue to work.  It is why, while we have not had any positive cases in the county, our Child Care remains open.  However, should we see an increased risk for either our children or staff we will close our facility.

We are all traveling together in uncharted territory, however this does not mean we should allow fear and anxiety to take over our thoughts or actions.  Many of the things we see on social media or the news feeds into these feelings.  While it is important to stay informed, it is also important to do so through legitimate sources.  Our local and state government sites are a great source for up-to-date information and ways to reduce our risks.

Our children need us and need reassurance, especially, in light of schools closing.  These actions needed to be taken in order to mitigate the spread of this virus, but at the same time it may be very concerning to our youth.  The closing of schools is truly for the good of all and should not make this epidemic scarier.

In closing, I hope we can all take the time to keep things in perspective, understand what is happening without being too scared, but taking appropriate precautions and to talk to our children.  Sometimes children won’t talk about the things that scare them and often they may be looking at things on the internet that may be exaggerated.  Please know we will be here to help if you need guidance with dealing with what is happening and/or how to help your children through it.

Don’t feel alone or let others feel alone if they or you are scared and anxious.

Most importantly –

Wash your hands, practice good hygiene and stay calm!

Game night is a great way to alleviate stress! Do a puzzle, watch a movie!  Enjoy a few moments of life at a slower pace!