The Neighborhood Center Unveils New Logo and Website
May. 22 2023

The Neighborhood Center Unveils New Logo and Website

The Neighborhood Center, Inc. announces the launch of their new logo and website as part of their rebranding efforts. The Neighborhood Center has grown and flourished over the years and felt it was time for a positive change.

The Neighborhood Center has updated their logo to reflect who they are today and to symbolize their future. Along with their new brand identity, their website is also undergoing a rebranding, and has just been launched at

“We are extremely proud to launch our new logo as part of the ongoing evolution of our agency’s mission. While the organization’s vision and mission of enriching the lives of individuals and families remains the same, the depth and breadth of services we offer and the individuals were able to help has evolved exponentially”, said Sandra Soroka, Executive Director of the Center. “We have been able to serve over 40,000 individuals and families in our community annually and watch them thrive and make positive changes in their lives. Our new logo reflects our growth in our community through the programs we deliver”, Soroka concluded.

The Neighborhood Center’s human service roots date back to 1905 when it began as a settlement house assisting immigrants file citizenship papers. Since then, they have planted their roots and have become a staple in the community, helping children, individuals and families flourish and grow. Their new logo and website are reflective of that.