Neighborhood Center Helping to Promote National CACFP Week
Mar. 10 2022

Neighborhood Center Helping to Promote National CACFP Week

National CACFP Week is March 13-19, 2022. The primary goal of the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) is to serve nutritious meals to children attending childcare homes and centers. Secondary goals are: 1. The establishment of positive eating habits at the earliest stages of development. 2. Reduction of future health care and education costs due to lack of proper early development. 3. Training and support of local childcare personnel. Research also indicates that the CACFP is one important factor in providing quality childcare.

During National CACFP Week, the Neighborhood Center, a nonprofit sponsor of CACFP, joins with area family childcare providers, center staff, and afterschool programs, in acknowledging the many ways our community benefits from the CACFP.

Children that are cared for by providers participating in the CACFP benefit by being fed nutritious USDA regulated meals that ensure their proper development. These children gain from early nutrition education that helps them establish positive eating habits that will enrich the quality of their diet throughout their life.

Parents of children in childcare are assured that their child(ren) receives high quality meals. With proper nutrition, the child is less likely to experience illness and fatigue and will develop at a normal physical and intellectual pace. This program provides over 2 billion meals and snacks to over 4.9 million children daily in childcare centers, family care homes, and after-school programs; over 115,000 elderly persons in Adult Day Care; over 62,000 childcare centers; 115,000 family childcare providers working with 800 sponsors use CACFP to provide children with high quality nutrition and learning experiences.

Please join us in honoring all CACFP providers for their invaluable work done on behalf of our children.

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