Community Health Worker Services

Community Health Worker Services

Community Health Worker Services

Community Health Worker services is a free home visiting program serving Oneida and Herkimer Counties. We work with women before having a baby, during pregnancy, after pregnancy or between pregnancies. We help and support women and their families to access needed preventive and primary health care services. Referrals are provided for other services as well to meet the needs of the family. Community Health Workers offer education on topics such as the importance of taking folic acid, family planning, oral health, prenatal care, breastfeeding, safe sleep, shaken baby syndrome, and many more. We promote overall health and wellness.

Healthy Women, Healthy Babies, Healthy Birth Outcomes

Did you know:

  • Putting your baby on their back to sleep is an easy way to reduce the risk of SIDS?
  • A healthy lifestyle is a good start for a future pregnancy?
  • Breastfeeding your baby has benefits for you and your baby?
  • It is recommended to wait 18 months between pregnancies?
  • Taking 400 mcg of folic acid daily can help protect your body from heart disease and some kinds of cancer?

Our location is: 628 Mary Street Utica, NY 13501

Call to schedule your appointment today!
315.801.5011 for Herkimer County
315.801.5014 for Oneida County


FAQ: Do I need to be pregnant to get Community Health Worker services?
ANS: No, if you have never been pregnant before, are pregnant now, are postpartum or have children then you are a fit for services.

FAQ: How will I get to my appointment?
ANS: The Community Health Worker program is a free home visiting service.

FAQ: What can a Community Health Worker do?
ANS: Help you find needed health care, resources and services and refer you there (i.e. health insurance, a doctor, a dentist, a counselor, family planning, breastfeeding support, a parenting class and so on).

FAQ: What else can a Community Health Worker do?
ANS: Provide education on health topics such as The Importance of Taking Folic Acid, Family Planning, Oral Health, Prenatal Care, Breastfeeding, Postpartum Depression, Safe Sleep for Babies and much more.

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