Our Success Stories

Program Success Stories and Client Testimony

Program Success Stories and Client Testimony

Validating the positive impact our agency has on the community and the people we serve!

Susan Koslosky, Adult Recovery Services

Photo of Susan Koslosky

"I have been a member of Adult Recovery Services (ARS) since 2005 when I moved back to the area. I've also been involved with the Care Management Program. When I came back to the area, I was very insecure. I wasn't driving. With support from the Center, my family and I were able to rebuild our lives, I got my license and have gone on to college. I am currently in my third semester to become an Administrative Assistant. I received a lot of support when my father passed away and I received help navigating the system to get back into therapy. The Center has also raised my self-esteem and given me the strength to go out and volunteer in the community. I truly believe that if you put the work into this program and the services provided, you will get something out of it. It's important for me to keep attending ARS because I need a judgement free support system like this to turn to. There is no stigma here on mental illness. If this program was no longer available, I would lose that. In ten words or less, my description of The Neighborhood Center is ... courage, strength and hope."

Tracy Turck, Adult Recovery Services

Photo of Tracy Turck

"I have been a member of Adult Recovery Services (ARS) for about a year and half. I am also involved with the Care Management Program. Through the Center, I have learned better coping skills. I have more opportunity for socialization here, and this has made communication with my daughter much easier and calmer. Now that I have better coping skills, I am better able to help my daughter cope with her mental illness. The people here allow me to be who I am. They accept me for who I am. I have a strong sense of security and well-being here and I also enjoy helping out. It means a lot to me to know that I am giving back to the program. If this program was no longer available, I feel my life would be unorganized and I would feel alone. I would feel unaccepted and I might lose my self-esteem. I would lose my sense of self if I was unable to come to ARS. In ten words or less, my description of The Neighborhood Center is ... if you are in it, don't ever give it up!"

Briena Dunning, Community Health Worker Services

Photo of Briena Dunning

"I have been involved with the Community Health Worker Services for a little over a month now through The Neighborhood Center. With the help from that program, I feel like I can do more on my own. I have more confidence and am not afraid. In the beginning of my pregnancy I was a drug user, I was very depressed, and I wasn't excited about the pregnancy. I just didn't know what to do or who to turn to. I had issues with my mom and didn't know where I was going to live. I had no motivation, no health insurance, no WIC and no support. My CHW helped me get out of my depression and learn ways to meet other moms, like at the breastfeeding cafes, she helped me get insurance and food for me and the baby. The Neighborhood Center even has a number I can call 24/7 for help when I am feeling depressed called MCAT. I am taking parenting classes and going to be getting an at home nurse soon. I have more confidence now to call for help when I need it and feel like I am ready for this baby. I now know I can be a good mom and have a healthy baby. This program showed me how much I can do on my own and I don't know what I would do without it. It has helped me so much with finding support and dealing with my stress. In ten words or less my description of The Neighborhood Center is ... it's helpful and caring."

Alicia Lindsey, Outreach and Prevention

Photo of Alicia Lindsey

"I have been involved in the Outreach and Prevention Program for 7 years. I will also be involved in Project AIM soon. The Center has made a huge difference in my life because I am happier here than I am at home. If I didn't attend, I would be bored and not doing anything, but with this program I get involved with others and I get to help the community with our community service projects. I'd be really upset if this program was no longer available because it's a safe place to be and we learn how to give back, cook and it gives a lot of skills for life. In ten words or less, my description of The Neighborhood Center is ... fun, interesting, creative, safe, respectful environment, positive, amazing, giving and caring."

Anne Scuderi, Mobile Crisis Assessment Team

Photo of Anne Scuderi

"I have lived alone since losing my sister several years ago, and the Mobile Crisis Assessment Team (MCAT) has helped me when I've been struggling with issues from the past. Through MCAT, I was introduced to a Peer Advocate who has proven to be a tremendous support. We have spent an hour together at least every two weeks and speak on the phone often as well. I now can even laugh at some of the issues that had troubled me so much in the past. I've been going out more now and even joined the Elks Club, which I enjoy. There have been no calls to the 911 center for help. I feel about 50 even though I am actually 86!"

Donna Collins, Adult Recovery Services

Photo of Donna Collins

"Attending Adult Recovery Services (ARS) program keeps my mind balanced and helps me cope with life issues. While attending the program, I've obtained my GED, purchased my first vehicle, and became a Peer Advocate. ARS also helped me to become more self-sufficient and independent after losing my husband. Without the program, I'd be devastated because there wouldn't be anyone for me to talk to when I have a crisis and need help. Other people need this program as much as me, if not more."

Judy Theall, Kinship Care Management

Photo of Judy Theall

"I've been involved with Kin and Kids Outreach and Support for three years, and the children in my care have also received counseling at the Neighborhood Center Rome Child Guidance Clinic for six years. The Center has helped me get through many difficulties, and the counseling has allowed me to better support the kids when they are struggling. It is helpful to have someone listen and be there for you in a confidential setting. If these programs were no longer available, I wouldn't have anyone to talk with and get ideas of how to help the children."

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