The Neighborhood Center Blog
Nov. 26 2018

The Neighborhood Center Blog

Greetings! I want to welcome you to the Neighborhood Center blog!  

As we now live in a world that uses social media as a main channel of communication, we felt it important to ‘jump on board’.  This blog is designed to contain information about many topics that have some connection to the services The Neighborhood Center provides.  Our plan is to post something new every week.  You’ll soon be reading about topics like navigating the holidays, child safety, and behavior management for children.   Mental health first aid and overcoming depressive symptoms may be other topics we cover.

Who will be writing the posts and why are we doing this

The blog posts will be written by a group of staff members from various programs at the Neighborhood Center.  The staff we consider to be experts in their field.  What the blog won’t be is just another area to describe our services as you can easily get that from other areas on our website at  What it will be is a place to read about ideas, guidance, support, hints and tips, and much more.

The Center is a growing human services agency that serves 40,000 individuals and families each year.  As the Executive Director, I want our agency to not only be a service provider.  But to also be a communicator and an active advocate of ideas and issues that affect our entire community.

We are proud of our 113-year history.  Through the years we’ve gained quite an expertise in many of the facets of human services.  As a team of over 200 strong we need to share our knowledge not only with the individuals and families we serve but with each other as well!  

We would also like to hear from you

If there is a topic you would like to know more about post it in response to one of the blog posts.  If we don’t already have someone on staff with the right knowledge, we will research it and we may just write about it!

As we begin this holiday season, from Thanksgiving through Christmas and the New Year, we’re thankful for all you do and for the support our community has given us! Wishing you and your families glad tidings and peace!

– Sandy Soroka, Executive Director